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Companies Spend An Average Of $120 In Labor To Find A Misfiled Document.

Companies also spend $220 to reproduce a lost document. A poor filing system wastes company time and money. Lost documents can spell legal trouble too. When the government requests materials during a company audit, failure to find the right paperwork can result in heavy penalties.

Businesses create 30 billion hard copy and digital documents a year, spending 8-15% of their revenue on printing and print distribution, or over $1000 per employee (IDC). Who’s managing the output, input and workflow of these documents? Often, the answer is “no one.”

Good document management is the cornerstone of an efficient, compliant work environment. Advanced Office Systems will organize all of your communications, hard copy and electronic, into a customized filing system. With easily searchable files, you’ll locate what you need in minutes, not hours.

When document workflow goes unmonitored, you spend more money than you need to. Profits are wasted on inefficient technology usage, and unnecessary equipment and service.

Never Buy Another Filing Cabinet.

Sharing documents over your network makes good business sense. It’s cheaper than printing a copy for each employee. And online routing is nearly instantaneous. But what if many of your important business documents are in hard copy? How do you transfer them to a digital system? And how do you make sure your employees can find these digital files quickly…..especially if a client is waiting on the phone?

Get the Tools You Need.

Let Advanced Office Systems work with you to control runaway costs with a document accounting strategy.

We have the tools you need to:
– Analyze workflow to identify needs and opportunities.
– Track number of documents printed, copied, scanned and faxed.
– Eliminate excess document processes and equipment.

Monitoring document activity often results in:
– Lower annual document expenditures
– Increased efficiency, both for employees and equipment
– More accurate client/internal billing

Advanced Office Systems can help you determine the best way to scan all of your hard copies into digital media. We offer a complete accounting and audit solution so that you’ll always know when and where a document was scanned (and by whom). We also establish automated routing and filing systems, so documents can be easily shared, stored and found.

Advanced Office Systems provides smart solutions that help you manage every stage of the document lifecycle. With our proven products and workflow processes, you’ll create, organize, store, find, view and print documents with ease.

If you’re looking to improve productivity and your bottom line, Advanced Office Systems has the people and technology to assist you. Count on Advanced Office Systems to help put your documents to work for you.




Since 1987, Laserfiche Document Management has led the industry

In offering smart, flexible, and easily integrated document management solutions for a broad range of business and government needs. As the core strength of Compulink Management Center, Inc., Laserfiche software turns existing PC hardware into robust search and retrieval databases that can be easily scaled from the single user to a large corporate network.



Innovative technology makes it easy

To quickly scan documents and images right into the user’s computer. AOS offers Canon and Fujitsu scanners in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities. Whether you need something small enough to fit in a laptop case or a machine capable of scan speeds over 120 pages per minute, we have it.

Already have scanning capabilities? We also offer document imaging and backfile conversion services to enable smooth conversion from printed page to electronic records.

Backfile Conversion

Backfile conversion is the act of replacing large volumes of documents with digital images.

Generally, backfile conversion consists of digitizing volumes of documents by using high speed scanning methods to convert these legacy documents into digital images to be stored as document libraries.

Today many companies or agencies have millions of records stored on media such as cardstock, maps, microfiche, or microfilm, to name a few. When a particular document is needed, locating these records could take hours or days, especially if they are stored off-site in a warehouse facility. Backfile conversion provides rapid access to these legacy documents in electronic formats.

Many of our customers are faced with the significant challenge of managing many years of accumulated documents. At Advanced Office Systems, we help them make the valuable information stored in these documents easily accessible by a process known as document imaging- the conversion of paper documents into electronic images via a computer system and input device(s). When these valuable information resources are converted from a traditional paper-based system into an electronic system, the resulting improvements in accessibility, office productivity, and information distribution can be quite dramatic.

AOS provides high-quality, cost-effective document scanning of a wide range of documents. Whether it’s meeting minutes, financial records, personnel files, payroll and book-keeping, reports, maps, engineering and architectural documentation, or other documents overflowing your filing cabinets, AOS can convert virtually any documents you have accumulated over the years. This service is performed at our own secure facility where we will scan and transfer your information into electronic format and put all the information on your preferred electronic medium for easy accessibility.

Our document imaging services include:
  • Free comprehensive needs assessment
  • Complete project planning and estimating
  • Secure shipment and storage of your documents
  • Careful preparation and handling of your documents
  • Scanning of bound books, flat documents, oversized documents, maps and more
  • Timely turnaround and delivery

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